Vote Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

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Why should you vote in every primary election and in every general election?  Elections are important in the United States as that is how we are represented in the realms of the decision makers holding sway over our lives.  In addition, tax levies appear on the ballots, and not voting on these issues is letting others decide on the purpose of the levy as well as the amount.

We recently went through the redistricting process in Ohio, which occurs after the census is taken every ten years.  The next census will be held in 2030, and then all states may be redistricting depending upon the results of that census.  The districts in the state must conform to the partisan preferences, which affects Ohio’s representatives and senators in Washington. 

If you wish the state to favor your views, vote in the primaries and select the ballot of your party choice.

But never neglect the issues or the levies.  This past November’s general election had three county wide issues.  I would think that everyone would want to have a say in them.  Approximately 290,000 votes were cast for each levy issue.  The total number of registered voters in Hamilton County is 596,786, so about 48% of the registered voters decided these issues.  The total ballots cast were 298,602, which means that not everyone voted on the issues.

It is easy to find out what is on your ballot.  About 45 days prior to an election, you can find your sample ballot, on-line in Hamilton County, by searching for Hamilton County Board of Elections home, voting information, and sample ballot.  (Finding a sample ballot in the other 87 counties of Ohio should be similar.)  This will let you know of every candidate and issue that will be on your election ballot.  A wise voter can then research the candidates and issues, and be ready when voting, rather than leaving some items blank. 

And don’t forget to vote!

By Bill Roll