“Radical” Ohio Board of Education

Letter Sent to Governor Mike DeWine

March 11, 2021  

Governor Mike DeWine Governor’s Office
Riffe Center, 30th Floor, 77 th South High Street
Columbus, OH  43215-6117 

Dear Governor DeWine, 
You may remember me– I run EmpowerUOhio.org a FREE university in Cincinnati that you spoke to in June of 2017.  We are now in the middle of our 21st Semester of over 400 FREE classes offered to the public in the last 10 years–many of these classes have been about Education in Ohio.  Recently, while travelling, someone from Northern Ohio called me to share information about the State School Board of Ohio. Quite frankly, after a pretty good review of their work it concerns me. This Ohioan who called me, warned about something called theResolution to Condemn Racism and to Advance Equity .  Specifically geared to Black and Indigenous Students this Resolution is a cut-and-paste job of Identity Politics that is circulating around Governments across Ohio-like Hamilton County. It has all the negatives that you hear about-indoctrination training for employees, a reflection and internal examination, an assumption that we all have implicit bias regardless of our Heart. This resolution clearly has the appearance of the start of Critical RaceTheory. 

After further review of the Ohio website I spoke with the State School Board President Laura Kohler and Superintendent Paolo Demaria about the fact that the disgraced 1619 Project has a link on their web site as a State of Ohio Resource.   This link, offers teachers resources and lesson plans by Nikole Hannah-Jones and informs our Ohio students that “The truth is that democracy…has been born on the backs of black resistance.  Black people have seen the worst of America.” I asked President Kohler to take this link down because it’s racist. President Kohler informed me that she is not opposed to having 1619 project information shared with students by a skilled teacher (even if factually incorrect). 

I am writing you this note because I think the State of Ohio School Board is consumed by Identity Politics and is promoting Equity and Discrimination at the expense of Equality*.   I believe the School Board has become a “Radicalized” and is outside the norm of Ohioans.   When Ohioans find out this propaganda has made it into their kids schools they will not be happy. At EmpowerUOhio.org we will do everything we can to let Ohioans know the direction their State School Board is headed. I urge you to mix up the School Board to include more diversity of thought that truly represents Ohioans in a “color blind” manner , and not divide people with a clear division along racial lines.Sincerely,
Daniel P. Regenold, Managing Board MemberEmpowerUOhio.org
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