Are You the Next “Militia Violent Extremist?”

August 8, 2022  

Dear Friend, 

On Friday, in a leaked document provided by a whistleblower to Project Veritas, the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden Flag (Don’t Tread on Me”) and other common American symbols were portrayed as potentially used by alleged “extremists.” Some of these symbols pictured below are in a document that outlines FBI guidelines for identifying “Militia Violent Extremists.” Senator Ted Cruz spoke about the danger presented by the FBI in this short video clip here.
For 12 years now, the single most identifiable symbol for, other than its logo, has been the Betsy Ross Flag. This flag has been chosen for EmpowerU’s studio, and outside locations because of its it rare beauty and its reflection on Patriotism and the importance of Citizen engagement. The original Betsy Ross flag was requested by General George Washington and the Continental Congress to signify the beginning of our new nation in June 1777. We know that several of you have enjoyed these flags at your homes and businesses.

Now, after obtaining a copy of FBI training material, it is clear which listed symbols and themes, are in the FBI’s estimation indicative of ‘Militia Violent Extremist’. These symbols aren’t things like the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazi Party, which would naturally be symbols of concern, but instead they include astonishingly, patriotic symbols of our nation and our history. (President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama’s inauguration celebrations used the Betsy Ross Flag as a backdrop). Below is the exact training flyer which has been distributed to FBI offices for training purposes. (This may remind you of similar FBI tracking of parents attending School Board protests. Below is the only picture of this flyer that is available now).

As Citizens, we are concerned about the politicization of our Justice System and the FBI. Where do people who have guilt by association with one of these patriotic symbols go to get their good name back?