Alicia Reece’s Bad “Basement Strategy”

By Dan Regenold, Managing Board Member

EmpowerU, as in previous years, is sponsoring a debate for the candidates running for Hamilton County Commission on October 15, 2020.   Click Here to Register to Attend the debate.   Three of the five candidates running for Commissioner have accepted our invitation.  Those candidates participating in the debate will be 1) Andy Black, 2) Dr. Herman Najoli and 3) Matt O’Neill.  

At this point in time Alicia Reece has turned down our offer to debate and has adopted a “Basement Strategy” of rejecting participation in all debates.  We have not heard back from Candidate Denise Driehaus.   Whether it is at the EmpowerU Debate or another debate we encourage candidates Reece and Driehaus to engage.   In the past week, one Hamilton County Commissioner spent valuable time debating Christopher Columbus Day instead of discussing important topics like MSD, Covid-19 or the Budget.    

Why is Alicia’s “Basement Strategy” bad for Hamilton County?   In a community as diverse as Hamilton County (population 817,000) it is important that candidates communicate their plans and agenda with voters.   As Citizens, we have a right to find out what these candidates plan to do, if elected.    

PS–EmpowerU feels the same way about all Hamilton County Candidates and debates.  If you are running for a County office and your opponent has refused your offer to debate we will be glad to give you a chance to speak at an upcoming EmpowerU event.    Just email us at