Opposing View of Convention of States

In my opinion and in the opinion of many others who are knowledgeable on this issue (the late Phyllis Schlafly especially fought against this) a COS puts our precious Constitution into the hands of unknown and UN-ELECTED delegates. The often made comments made by the COS organization is that the “states are in control.” If you read Article V it shows that comment to be not true. The states can ONLY CALL on Congress to hold a convention for the purpose of adding amendmentS to the Constitution. I emphasized the plural there because COS people often say a convention would be called just for one specific amendment. There is no way that can be controlled.

The last time this nation held such a convention was back in 1787 when the Founders met for the purpose of amending the Articles of Confederation mainly because of an extremely weak central government and funding for “military, etc.” was on a volunteer basis and greatly lacking. There was in place a rule that all 13 original states had to ratify any changes made. Rhode Island was not in favor of the convention and knowing the ratification requirement, decided to not send delegates and thereby rule out changes. However, when the delegates from the other 12 states met. They….(1) closed the doors and signed a letter of secrecy. (2) they changed the ratification requirement from 13 unanimous votes to 9 votes and (3) instead of amending the Art. of Con. they threw the entire document out and replaced it with our Constitution.

You may say, “well that was good.” Just remember back then we had Washington, Franklin, Madison, Jefferson, Patrick Henry (“Give me liberty or give me death) and TODAY we have likes of Kasich, Corey Booker, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer, Mitch McConnell, etc., etc., etc. Not to mention that George Soros’ group WOLF PAC has publicly stated their support for a COS.
I don’t understand why the COS people can claim that they will “control” such a convention. It will not be just conservative, fiscally, pro-life, pro- gun people who are picked as delegates. The democrat and socialist groups will be right in there as well and so will the various lobby groups and big donors. The real issue is … will they eliminate our first and second amendments. Is the very real probability worth trying to add amendments like the Balanced Budget amendment. I think President Trump is showing how to do it with out such a dangerous endeavor. Why should we even believe that adding another amendment will change anything when Congress has not obeyed the restrictions on spending that are already in our Constitution. Adding another one will just have the same result.
Barbara B., Dayton, Ohio