Attorney General Lists Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

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Continue crackdown on human trafficking

Ohio officials are to be commended for preventing an enormous amount of suffering by cracking down on human trafficking. Until just a few years ago, the crime was not viewed as a serious, widespread problem. But investigations have disclosed it is just that, victimizing thousands of people each year. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine took the lead in an offensive against human trafficking. Legislators have supported it with stricter laws against the crime. DeWine’s office released a report on human trafficking arrests during the past year. Ninety-eight arrests were made and 17 convictions were obtained. In the process, 147 female and 34 male victims of human traffickers were rescued. Four of the victims were younger than 12 years old. Thirty-five were 15-17 years of age. These are children – often forced by their captors to live in terror while engaging in crimes such as prostitution. What is disturbing about the numbers is that the offensive against human trafficking is just getting off to a good start. The impressive number of successes may be just the tip of a horrifying iceberg. Many of the vicious criminals involved have not been apprehended. Many more victims – including children remain to be rescued. That ought to be enough to convince law enforcement agencies throughout the state to step up their campaign against human trafficking