Why Cincinnati is a Sanctuary City

Why is Cincinnati a Sanctuary City

Midway Elementary School
3156 Glenmore Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Mayor John Cranley recently made it his initiative to make the City of Cincinnati a Sanctuary City.

When you heard this news recently, maybe you turned your head and asked why?

Why is Cincinnati a Sanctuary City? What is a Sanctuary City? How does a Sanctuary City interact with the Federal Government? What are the ramifications of immigration on a Sanctuary City? How is the Federal Budget involved? Are Sanctuary Cities less safe that other cities?

At every level of Government, the issue of Sanctuary Cities is one of the most important debates going on. Join Vice Mayor of Cincinnati, David Mann, as he explains the City’s decision to become a Sanctuary City. Will other neighboring cities be close behind? Is this the right decision for the people of Cincinnati and Hamilton County? Get your questions answered at this important EmpowerU session.