Ulysses S. Grant’s Commitment fo Equality

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Virtual Class Only

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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About our Class on Ulysses S. Grant:

A modern view of Ulysses S. Grant – He was a remarkable General, father, and President, and more than that, he saw good in almost everyone and took them at their word.  He was well known for his innovative strategy to finally force the confederacy to capitulate. But Grant’s character, along with his treatment of African-Americans, American-Indians and Jews, matured from first-hand experience during the Civil War, as well as his Presidency. Grant’s support and leadership in civil rights, was decades ahead of his time. He stood up for their rights, despite widespread opposition from the south and the American public. Their determination, coupled with his support, unleashed opportunities they never experienced before.  He lived the last 24 years of his adult life believing all people should be treated with respect and dignity.


Chris Burns is a Civil War historian and lifelong Ohio resident. Since 2000, Mr. Burns has been conducting research for an upcoming book about Ulysses S. Grant with noted historian Dr. James A. Ramage. He currently speaks on various aspects of Grant’s life, as well as the Siege of Cincinnati. He was interviewed by WKET TV in Kentucky for a three-part series on Grant that ran in 2019. Burns is a former adjunct history faculty-member at Northern Kentucky University. His passion is linking the past to the present and bringing history to life.


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