Social Security on the Hot Seat

Social Security on the Hot Seat

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Whether you are 25, 55 or 75, this session is for you. Longtime public affairs specialist Sue Denny will provide an overview of Social Security programs and benefits. When most people think about Social Security, they think about retirement. In reality, Social Security is with you through life’s journey, securing today and tomorrow. Sue will briefly discuss Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance (RSDI), Medicare, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and then will open it up to questions from members of the audience. This is your opportunity to find out what you need and want to know about Social Security.

Sue Denny has been the public affairs specialist at the Social Security Administration in Cincinnati since 2001. Every year she gives hundreds of speeches, presentations and training sessions about Social Security’s programs and benefits to a wide variety of audiences. She also staffs booths at conferences and community events. Sue serves as the Social Security liaison for professionals and media in the Cincinnati area and is a regular guest on WKRC’s Simply Money, a popular drive-time radio program, and WMKV’s Medicare Moment. Her passion is public affairs.

Sue is a recipient of the Regional Communicator Award and a Deputy Commissioner’s Citation.  She previously completed a six-month assignment in the Office of Electronic Services at SSA’s headquarters in Baltimore.


Sue Denny

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