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Matt Wahlert and Jay Carson to Join Us from 7:05-7:30 PM

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

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“Voice of EmpowerU” Don Hurd
To Sing National Anthem on Opening Night!

Don Hurd

Ahoy, Matey!

If you missed the first installment of Talks held earlier this month, you missed a lot of fun.  “Talks” is a new series of

fered by the team at EmpowerU.  This is an opportunity for those who have attended EmpowerU classes to talk and listen to 

members of the community.  With so many things going on in the world right now it seems like the perfect time to hear what you have to say.   
Our new technology allows you to call in on the telephone while we are on a “Zoom”  call and discuss topics you find most important.  EmpowerU “Talks” is a sort of a “Pirate Radio” station in a time when Big Media is shutting down conservative free thought.  Shiver Me Timbers!
Join us for on Tuesday, February 25 for a second installment of this edgy new talk format designed to give us an uncensored forum.  
There are many things we can discuss:
  • The Great Rush Limbaugh–Tell us a Story that You Remember–Or Share something you learned!
  • Does Either Political Party Represent you?
  • Who should replace Rob Portman?
  • Big Tech Censorship
  • Education in Ohio
  • Biden and Trump
  • Covid 19 and Governor DeWine
  • Equity vs. Equality
If you have been talking about all these subjects…maybe to yourself…now if your time to sound-off!    When you sign on to Zoom if you want to talk you will be given a telephone number to dial into.


(Call in number if you want to talk)
EmpowerU wants to hear what you have to say…now!
Matt Wahlert is an Vice-President of the Colerain Township Government and will join us from 7:05-7:15 PM.  He is a PHD in Political Science.   Matt learned about the great fraud problem in the Ohio Government when he received a W2 from the Ohio Unemployment Commission for earnings that he never received that were fraudulently generated by hackers and thieves.   Learn about this massive fraud of your monies in the State of Ohio.   What do you do if this problem happens to you–it is happening to many, many people.   Matt will join us from 7:07-7:15 PM)

Attorney Jay Carson from Buckeye Institute also to Join Session… Jay Carson is a Senior Litigator for the Buckeye Institute. Find out about the important two lawsuits Buckeye has filed on behalf of two Ohioans-Eric Denison of Westerville and Josh Schaad of Blue Ash-which call for the courts to declare unconstitutional an Ohio law that allows the cities of Columbus and Cincinnati to tax the income of workers who do not live in, and have not been working within, the respective municipalities.  These lawsuits could have important implications for you if you work from home.  Jay will join us from 7:15-7:30 PM.

Jay Carson

Speaker Bio
Dan Regenold is the Managing Board Member of EmpowerU, which is about to begin it’s 21st semester offering FREE Classes in Ohio. In his ,free time Dan loves to dream about what is… and how GREAT things could be.  Join Dan on this maiden voyage of EmpowerU “Talks”.  See if he falls flat on his posterior!   Dan loves his work as CEO of Frame USA, Inc. a GREAT American Made Manufacturer of Picture frames located in Springdale, Ohio.   To find out more about Dan Click Here.