Military Psychological Operations

Learn about the techniques the military and media use in the battle over minds.

EmpowerU Podcast
Tuesday, April 30, 2024

How to Navigate the Psychological Warfare

In this episode of the EmpowerU Podcast we will explore the nature of modern propaganda and psychological operations (PSYOP) with SSG Andrew Matre, and special guest SFC Mike Currier. Andrew and Mike served in an Army field PSYOPS unit in the Middle East.  They will share their experiences conducting PSYOPS and explain how our military uses these operations abroad and possibly at home.

Topics we’ll cover include the science and tools military PSYOP, and just how common or wild these operations really are. We’ll then delve into the world of PSYOP from the civilian perspective. They’ll share with us some tricks of the trade, and how to recognize propaganda and other malicious influence.

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We hope you will tune in to quip yourself with the knowledge to recognize and navigate the war over minds.

EmpowerU Podcast Host Jerry Thomas talks with Andrew Matre and Mike Currier as they share their experiences from the military and what the public can learn from it.

Speaker Bios:

Andrew Matre graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Intelligence & National Security. Serving in the US Army, he achieved a rank of Staff Sergeant and served on the ground in the Middle East, with a unit performing field PSYOPs.

After his tour in the military, he continued to work in the field as a government contractor. Today, Andrew is a successful marketer, and applies his skills in the business world.



Sergeant First Class Mike Currier served alongside Andrew in the US Army, also performing PSYOP missions in the Middle East. After completing his tour, he went on to become a government contractor as well.