Going Armed: The Newbie’s Guide to Handgun Defense

The World Isn't Getting Any Safer!

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Are you a new or prospective gun owner who feels the need to exercise their 2nd amendment right to self-defense during these troubling times, but are apprehensive about running afoul of the law?  Maybe you have read the books by the “experts” and gone to the gun store only to come away more confused and intimidated than ever. 

The world isn’t getting any safer and someday soon you could be confronted with that moment when the world goes FYBYOYO:  “Forget You Baby, You’re On Your Own”. Come listen to someone just  like you who has made the dangerous and often confusing journey from first time gun owner to experienced every-day-carry (EDC).  A skilled corporate trainer and IT consultant,

Dave Moorman has applied his 36 years of strategic problem solving expertise into educating himself on what it means to be a responsible and effective handgun owner.  He has documented his growth and insights including some nearly catastrophic mistakes, and wants to share them with you.  He will discuss the psychology of violent encounters, how to conquer surprise and fear, and how to deal with a taunting adversary without allowing yourself to be tricked into placing yourself at physical or legal disadvantage. 

Finally, he will walk you through a real life defense encounter where discharging his firearm successfully prevented harm to himself, his wife, and even the adolescent perpetrator.   This class is an excerpt of Dave’s full 5 hours of private interactive instruction on all aspects of owning, carrying and yielding a handgun.  The full course covers everything you need to design and implement a responsible, comprehensive and effective firearm based defense plan by detailed walk throughs of numerous scenarios including: 

  •         Walking into crimes in progress (armed robbery, assault & battery, sexual assault)  
  •         Getting caught up in third party domestic violence
  •         Attempted car-jacking with a toddler in the car seat 
  •         Countering different types of home invasions 
  •         Dealing with the crazy-ex who doesn’t know when to quit
  •         Taunting & Brandishing 
  •         Defeating a Mob 
  •         How easily your eyes can fool you, how it gets you in trouble, and what to do about it
  •         Are “warning shots” ever justified
  •         The proper way to call 9-1-1 and deal with responders
  •         Firearm safety when there are children in the home 
  •         Hiring a private investigator 
  •         Selecting the right firearm & ammo 
  •         Basic gun cleaning & maintenance 
  •         Common misconceptions and mistakes about the process of Draw, Point and Shoot 
  •         Why even a 300 lb. defensive tackle should carry a rape whistle

Most of us spend weeks selecting a new car and even longer buying a home.  But in a self-defense encounter you may be forced to make a life-changing decision in under a second.  Are you mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for that?  This class can’t get you there in 90 minutes, but it will provide you with a roadmap for getting started and the confidence that you have everything you need to take control of your own safety. 

Speaker’s Bio:

Dave Moorman: With 36 years of business, technology and consulting experience, Dave Moorman is a born problem solver.  Whether it is writing programs for mobile phones, starting a business, negotiating multi-million dollar IT deals or building a self-defense strategy, he knows how to break tough problems down into pieces and parts, develop a solution, and train people how to implement it.  So when he was unexpectedly faced with a potentially life-changing threat a decade ago, he turned his skills to building a plan to ensure his family would never again be left defenseless and at the mercy of an aggressive adversary. 

His journey was one of discovery, personal growth and even near fatal mistakes.  An experienced corporate educator who has built two complex software training curricula, he now wants to dedicate his time and talent to helping others make the same journey quickly and safely.  He firmly believes in not only your natural right to self-defense, but that anyone who can drive a car has the proven physical and mental capacity to yield a firearm responsibly and effectively once they get decades of Hollywood propagated rubbish out of their head.