911 Call Center

Hamilton County Communications Center
2377 Civic Center Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
Saturday, March 16, 2024

This class has been cancelled due to the site being under construction, we apologize for any inconvenience and hope to reschedule.

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Learn from this opportunity to hear about the workings of the Hamilton County 911 Emergency Communications Center from leaders, ask questions and get answers.  You have been reading about the operations of the center in the past several months.   Now, we will get a (quiet) tour of the actual communications center itself. 

The Hamilton County Communications Center is located in Seven Hills behind the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Patrol Headquarters, the Hamilton County Communications Center provides emergency dispatch service for 105 Police, Fire, and EMS departments covering 42 political jurisdictions.  To see the entire list of communities served by the Hamilton County Communications Center–Click Here.  Our Communications Center staff consists of 60 Communications Officers, 9 Supervisors, and 8 administrative staff members.
The staff at the communications centers attends numerous hours of training each year to maintain the highest level of industry accreditation, certification, and professional education.