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Thursday, March 18, 2021

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Anyone with an Internet connection can read the latest news, listen to their favorite music, chat with friends,  search for anything online, shop, pay bills, play games, and watch videos, all for “free”.  But it’s not really free.  If you’re not paying with money, you’re paying with data.  You’re not the customer, you’re the product.

Companies like Google and Facebook harvest every little bit of data that they can get their hands on, and monetize it in a variety of ways including selling it to other companies, who may or may not secure it correctly.  And the now with the nature of the Internet coupled with the ever increasing number of “smart” devices that we interact with are collecting volumes of very detailed information about how and where we live, work and play 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It’s relentless and pervasive and in many cases, not obvious.  Americans are sleepwalking into a future nearly as frightening as the one the Chinese are constructing”.

At this session, Dave Hatter will explore privacy and security for your devices.   He will also discuss the type of data that is being collected, how it’s being collected, how it’s being used, how it’s being misused, why you should care about improving your privacy, and tools and techniques to limit your digital footprint.    When Dave is done with his presentation we will allow you to call in live to ask Dave questions from your home zoom connection.   The number to call is:


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Speaker Bio

“Doomsday” Dave Hatter is a technology leader with nearly 30 years of software development, cybersecurity and project management experience.  He has earned numerous industry certifications and, holds a BS in Information Systems from NKU.  Dave is especially good at bridging the gap between business and technology and has delivered more than 200 successful software solutions earning nearly 60 testimonial letters from his clients. Additionally, he has written or contributed to 12 technology books, written more than 100 technology related articles for publications and, been quoted in many publications.

Libertas Technologies, the software development company Dave founded in 2001, was honored with many awards, but he is especially proud of winning the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2007.  Dave is now a Cyber Security Consultant at Intrust IT, where he works with clients to educate them about cyber security risks and to help them defend their assets.

Dave is a regular on-air contributor on WXIX (FOX19) and Local 12 (WKRC-TV) and he can be heard every Friday morning at 6:30 AM on 55KRC’s “Tech Friday” segment with host Brian Thomas.   He was elected Mayor of Fort Wright, Kentucky in 2014 after serving eight terms on the Fort Wright City Council. Dave currently serves as the VP of Training and Certification for the PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter, and has also served on numerous other boards.