10 Essential Life Skills

Learn the 10 skills that are essential to your success in life.

EmpowerU Podcast
Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Strive For Success in Your Life by Honing these 10 Skills!

Bill Gladwell has identified 10 skills that are essential to achieving success in life.  In this discussion Bill will walk through each of these skills, explaining why each is critical to your success and how you can improve in each skill area.

Soft skills como diferencial competitivo | Leme Consultoria

We will delve into these topics:

1. Emotional Intelligence  

2. Effective Communication 

3. Resilience 

4. Critical Thinking 

5. Time Management 

6. Empathy 

7. Financial Literacy 

8. Conflict Resolution 

9. Self-care and Well-being 

10. Mindfulness and Self-awareness

EmpowerU’ host Jerry Thomas will talk with Bill about this great motivational class and subject-matter to start out the New Year!

Speaker Bio:

With over three decades of experience, Bill Gladwell has established himself as a leading consultant, speaker, and author in the fields of hypnosis, influence, and persuasion. Empowering countless individuals to communicate effectively, ethically influence others, and achieve their goals.

Bill’s journey began as a high school student exploring hypnosis. After attending a Tony Robbins seminar and receiving certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™) and hypnotherapy, Bill embarked on a mission to help others harness the power of hypnosis.

Bill has created over 2,000 hypnosis audio programs, developed ethical sales and persuasion techniques for the pharmaceutical industry, and now consults for individuals and corporations worldwide.